2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak Review, Price

The new 2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak is almost ready to hit the market in the USA. Ford company is longing to bring back the beloved truck model, and Ford Ranger is exactly that. As speaking of trucks, this WildTrak model is perhaps the best you can buy in the near future. Luxurious from the inside, this truck offers a lot of features.

The new Ford Ranger WildTrak is a very versatile truck, useful for all types of driving. One look at his styling is more than enough to imagine yourself on all types of terrains. In one moment you are hitting adventurous terrain, on the other you find yourself in casual city ride. There are some rumors that both crew and super cab versions will be on the market. The exterior looks a little bit rugged but still, it looks great, at least at the pictures. But the question is what Ford Ranger has to offer in the real world?

2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak front

2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak – High-quality Exterior

Ford Ranger’s classy styling and some new features are getting everyone excited. From the door style and the way they open the door handles and mirror caps, all those things will be high-quality. Black grille in the front will feature a hexagonal style that is adopted in many Ford models. The grille will additionally come with a small bump from the inside, with a horizontal strip.

The lights are positioned on the bumper so it can provide better visibility and better adapt to weather conditions. Hood is made from a single piece, it will be flat with one vertical bump at the center. The newly 2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak is coming with unique 18-inch wheels and Bridgestone RT tires.

Modern and Comfortable

Seats of forthcoming Ford Ranger are a combination of cloth and leather, and in the front, they are heated up. The warming process is quick and it maintains the temperature perfectly. The infotainment system is using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Safety is another thing where Ford paid special attention.

For sure, Ford Ranger will become one of the safest trucks so far. Behind the grille, a radar is placed to deliver adaptive cruise control and pre-collision signal. Furthermore, this track owns parking sensors and reverse camera. As some rumors saying, sensors are very sensitive in small spaces, and the tight area is where sensors are needed the most.

2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak interior

2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak – Engine and Gearbox

The 2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak will be powered by the 3.2-liter five-cylinder diesel engine with six-speed gearbox. This gearbox will come with options for manual or automatic transmission.

The engine makes 145kw (195hp) of power with the peak of 470nm and 350 ft-lb of torque. It may not look like much for a truck that weighs 5000 pounds.

2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak side

Pricing and Release Date of the 2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak

The 2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak release date is yet unknown. However, it is expected to hit the market in one year time.
The price is circling around $30,000.

This price may look like a lot but take into consideration that this truck can be used in many ways. Some of the main competitions are Chevy ColoradoGMC CanyonNissan FrontierToyota Tacoma.

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