2018 Renault Alaskan Review, Specification and Price

The 2018 Renault Alaskan is a truck in its own class. The French manufacturer designed this truck to take off-road capability to a higher level while maintaining a competitive edge and a touch of elegance over the Nissan Navara and the Mitsubishi L200.

Everything about this truck is exquisite. From the magnificent logo proudly in the center of the hood, to the hard body, the lighting and the technological advances which will leave its users comfortable and happy.

2018 Renault Alaskan front view

2018 Renault Alaskan – Features a Large Grille

This model has a body almost identical to the Nissan Navara and one would be forgiven for mistaking one for the other. The body is large with movable hooks around the walls, plastic covering the compartment, a trunk behind the cabin with openable windows and side windows. However, it features a large grille at the front carrying the diamond Renault badge at the center. The 2018 Renault Alaskan comes with LED lights integrated with daytime running lighting and fog lights.

Interior Design

The interior is designed to ensure the user’s comfort and maintain a touch of elegance. The heated soft leather seats offer good lumbar support through the various ways that they can be adjusted. This makes the truck suitable for long distance traveling. The steering wheel is adjustable in height but not in depth which can disadvantage some users.

It also houses a 7.0 infotainment with satellite navigation and 360-degree camera in addition to the reverse camera located on the top of the back view of the truck. This comes in handy when cruising through rough terrain by detecting obstacles. The 2018 Renault Alaskan is a five-seater with the rear seats being very comfortable compared to other trucks. The cabin is also well equipped with a smartphone compatible audio system and keyless entry system.

2018 Renault Alaskan interior view

Engine Specifications

This truck offers both manual and automatic transmission 6-speed and 7-speed respectively. The truck comes with a 2.3-liter twin turbo diesel which generates 187 horsepower. The markets also offer a 2.5-liter petrol engine which can generate between 160 and 190 horsepower. It is important to note that in the 2018 Renault Alaskan the four-wheel are inserted manually by turning the knob at the base of the console a better option for off-road motor vehicles.

2018 Renault Alaskan rear view

MSRP and Release Date

The manufacturer suggested retail price is $30.000. The truck is expected to debut in the UK by end of 2017. The rest of the world is likely to have this masterpiece in 2018.

Finally, the 2018 Renault Alaskan will bring a touch of class, elegance and fantastic off-road capabilities to cater for the growing demand in the global market. Let us see how it will fair.

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