2017 Fiat Strada Design, Specs, Price

In the market for small pickup trucks, Fiat has been a dominant player. Thusly, the company has come up with a new release the 2017 Fiat Strada; a pick-up truck that is not only well redesigned but also economically friendly. This Italian truck has been well tailor-made for the Brazilian market.

This has kept lovers sitting tight as they anticipate for the landing of this Fiat Strada. Its engine execution and performance will be finely tuned to offer perfect execution contrasted with other truck models. Fiat fans should plan to see advanced track changes in this new 2017 Strada.

2017 Fiat Strada - front

2017 Fiat Strada – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

The details about the new exterior are still vague. The big question is whether the Strada 2017 will try to maintain its visual robust nature, willing to tackle any terrain or will it be more like a passenger car. However, it is virtually certain that there will be changes, but it is not known. The new face of this new Fiat Strada 2017 will have a unique design inspired by the Fiat Toro. Additionally, this new will offers different versions of pickup trucks, with base model pickups having a simple cabin, others having an extended cab (EC) and top of class models having double cabin doors 3 (CD). Other features that will be in this 2017 Strada include a 58 liters tank capacity, wheel covers, fog lights, parking sensors and 16 inch Light alloy wheels. This truck is estimated to carry up to 705 kg of luggage.


The new Fiat Strada 2017 interior will comparably definitely be equipped with great features. Stradas will have a maritime canopy and bucket lighting while more advanced Stradas will have more features such as brake light, sliding window, protective grille, rear window and door-stairs. The double cabin will be roomier and more comfortable, making itself an immaculate vehicle for traveling. The 2017 Fiat Strada will likewise have a power steering wheel well fit in leather for great comfort while driving. Additionally, the vehicle will feature an air conditioning system, height adjustment of the driver’s seat, infotainment system, and front power windows.

2017 Fiat Strada - interior

2017 Fiat Strada – Engine and Performance

As at present, the 2017 Fiat Strada Hybrid will offer 3 options of engines that will range per model. The base models will have a 1.4-liter V8 engine that will make 85 hp and 90 lb-ft of torque. This engine is fuel friendly as it will consume 22 mpg. The medium choice will have a 1.6-liter petrol engine that will produce 115 hp with a 121 lb-ft of torque. Lastly, the top of the class models will have a 1.8-liter powertrain that will produce 130 hp and 135 lb-ft of torque. This last version will not be fuel efficient. Additionally, the truck will continue to deliver good results in its acceleration. It is deemed to accelerate from 60 mph to 100 mph in just 10 seconds.

2017 Fiat Strada - rear

2017 Fiat Strada – Price and Release date

Little has been heard about the price and the release date of this new 2017 Fiat Strada. However, word has spread that there is a high chance that this truck will be released early next year and feature in dealerships in South America. Other estimates indicate that the price of this 2017 Fiat Strada could range between $11,000 for the base models to $18,000 for the top of the class models.

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