Lexus Pickup Truck Concept Review

The Lexus brand has been associated with the luxury sedan and SUV market for several decades now, and has achieved a great deal acclaim for their for their high levels of quality and luxury. The company is now looking at entering the truck market, with their Lexus Pickup Truck Concept vehicle.

As it is a concept vehicle, what the final product will be (if released at all) can only be a matter of speculation. Given their parent company, Toyota’s long-standing solid reputation with the Hilux brand, it is likely to share some build and design aspects of the Hilux. Whatever they decide, one can expect top-notch luxury and style from a company that has a reputation for just that.

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept - front

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept – Looks and Shape

There’s no mistaking the look of the Lexus truck concept photos. With the signature, hourglass-shaped grille accented with chrome detailing around the edges. The chrome outlined air intakes in the front fender. One can’t be certain what they plan for the final product. But the current look of the Lexus pickup truck concept is a bit of a cut. Paste version of a Hilux with the front end of a Lexus LX 570. It is a very neat match of the two, and I’m sure that Lexus is going to work on this basic look. To meet the expectations of the current pickup market, we should expect to see it both single and double cab format.


To stay true to the expectations of the brand, the Lexus pickup truck concept has to deliver on luxury. One should expect to see plenty of leather, walnut and chrome detail in the interior finish. There should be plenty of head, leg and shoulder room for this truck to match expectations that have already been set by Ford and Toyota. As far as technical specifications and safety go – this is a Lexus pickup truck concept, right? This means we’re going to want to see all the features of the LX 570. My guess is that the Lexus will base its interior on the LX 570, due to the very similar ergonomics between an SUV and a pickup.

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept - interior

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept – Engine and Performance

As the Lexus pickup truck is just that, a concept, I doubt the company has made a final decision on how to power the new truck. Being their first pickup truck, chances are very high they’ll choose to stick with the 5.7-liter V8. That has proven itself to be a reliable powerful engine, coupled to an eight-speed sequential gearbox. This engine delivers 383 hp and 405-pound feet torque. Which is able to power the LX 570 to 113 mph with 0-60 mph in 7.2 seconds. Also, should be fairly similar in the pickup version. To compete with other pickups we will almost certainly see it come in both two and four-wheel drive versions. The drive train will very likely be based on the Hilux.

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept – Price and Release Date

There’s no clear indication as the when, if at all, the Lexus pickup truck concept will go into production. Nor is there an indication as to what the price will be. It would need to be priced in the same basic range as similar Ford, Nissan and Toyota models. However the pricing will depend, very much on which route company decides to take with regard to trim levels.

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