2018 VW Amarok Specs, Release Date

The 2018 VW Amarok is the upcoming Amarok pickup truck series produced by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV). Since it was launched in 2010, the Amarok series has become widely popular due to its powerful engine and spacious load space. It is undeniable that VW Amarok 2018 is appealing to the certain segment of drivers, whose are looking to mix business use in the week with the pleasure of running a flexible, fun to drive the family vehicle at the weekend. Now, after numerous teasers were exposed, we can finally see the sketches of this newly remodeled car, with its all-new delightful elements. This will add enthusiasm to watch how new 2018 VW Amarok is going to shake its riders. Get ready for an auto that will set up the bar high among its contenders and provide you the best class in innovation.

2018 VW Amarok - front

2018 VW Amarok – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

The 2018 VW Amarok has a new redesigned front sash. It gave the pickup stronger and refined look. The design gave the premium feel into it, which made the truck looks more like a Passat than a pickup. However, the taillights are having the greatest change, where it gives an impression of being LED units with a unique and fascinating design. The back of the 2018 VW Amarok still maintain its classy look with a chrome guard, large VW badge, and sculpted bed walls with extensive bumper style. As general, the outside design of 2018 VW Amarok consists of the sharp bend of body lines combined with some chrome material side. The design of front side is contrasts compared to the back side. While the mist lights implanted in the front guard is intended to be more streamlined, in another hand the back of the body look more decisive with slender window design. The purpose of decreased back body design is to enhance more streamlined features.


Even though 2018 Volkswagen Amarok only make some minor improvements regarding it’s exterior build, there is a huge improvement on the interior build. The dashboard was re-worked with square HVAC vents with overhauled controls down underneath, large infotainment screen, an updated steering wheel, a more modern center console, and new gauge cluster for the driver. In addition, it also gets a new integrated infotainment system, by collaborating with Apple and Android CarPlay. Volkswagen has stated that the interior should be more attractive to former SUV buyers, so it is clear that Volkswagen has intended to create new costumers segment.

2018 VW Amarok - interior

2018 VW Amarok – Engine Specifications

The European version of the 2017 model will offer the upgraded 2.0-liter FSI turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine and 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine. The power is transfer to the drive wheels by 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed automatic transmission. A version with AWD has a towing capacity of 3,200 pounds. This indicates that there’s only a small improvement was done for this type, and it’s unlikely to see that there will be the new line-up of engine series of this type. For information, the current Amarok offers a 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI diesel engines that make 138 hp and propels the truck to 62 mph in 13,5 seconds. There is also a variation of another engine which used twin-turbocharged form (BiTDI), that can create 178 hp of the greatest force and can move the truck up to 62 mph in only 11 seconds.

2018 VW Amarok - rear

2018 VW Amarok – Price, Expected Release Date, and Competition

It is expected that 2018 VW Amarok will be available in the markets in early 2017. However, we still have to wait for the further announcement from Volkswagen in the future. The range price will be slightly more expensive than the previous type of Amarok. The newest type of Amarok ( 2016 VW Amarok ) is pegged at around 56.000 USD. This is the starting price for the base model only and will adjust upwards depending on the customization of the user. Since the Amarok type is known as the premium pickup trucks with powerful engines, it is safe to say that Amarok’s performance are equivalent to be compared with these two vehicles. The Hilux is a truck with a beefier attitude and a stronger back. It is a hard-working brute that offers big capability in a midsize package. Toyota’s 2.8 liters four-cylinder turbodiesel with 177 hp is the closest competitor to Amarok’s engine options. The Ranger is a tough beast that is globally well sold around the world. With its outstanding off-road capabilities and powerful engine options, it is something that 2018 Amarok could not underestimate it. This refreshing welcome is opening a new chapter for the Amarok. The 2018 VW Amarok has potential market to compete with SUVs since the interior build has given a more premium feel and luxury to the car. We are sure that these changes will help the 2018 VW Amarok to be more competitive in the marketplace.

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