2017 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel Review, Price

The trucks have always been an object of fascination by those travelers willing to spend most of their time on roads. Be it plains, mountains, plateaus or some desert, a healthy truck with a well-built body, power and performance excels in delivering quality rides along with comfort, class and stability. This is what goes with the 2017 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel. It is one fine truck of its segment from popular world-renowned GMC motors and highly delivers what users actually demand out of it. New Sierra Diesel is, however, going to be out with all new exciting features and looks. One may be able to notice a lot of interior and exterior changes in this new diesel truck. Observing its body from the front as well as rear end there will be quite a number of notable changes which will give this vehicle an all new refreshed look. Ther 2017 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel will certainly be an eye-catching element of the next era.

2017 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel - front

External and Internal Changes in 2017 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel

Some of the major changes will be seen in body design and shape of this 2017 GMC Sierra Duramax. An all new front grille is expected to change the view of this truck. Headlights too will be redesigned for a more catchy and attractive design of Sierra. Other than this, you may also note new set of tail lamps and more than that, change in shape of rear part of this truck along with the lines running from front to rear part of its body.


Interiors will have a new set of the internal console. Dual trim interiors are expected to be seen in this diesel truck. The 2017 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel will be classier in interiors and a bit of luxury to be added in order to provide a much more roomy feeling. There will be the adequate utilization of space in this vehicle and be redesigning of the interior structure will take place so as to have maximum leg room and space for passengers inside this truck.

2017 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel - interior

Engine, Fuel Economy and other Specifications of 2017 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel

An existing 6.6-liters diesel engine of V8 class is expected to be seen in this truck. However, it is expected to have a much more powerful V9 engine of around 7.0-liters Cubic capacities which is expected to deliver the power of more than 300 bhp. Other than that it is expected that this truck will have an average fuel consumption of around 15 mpg. On highways, it will deliver a slightly higher mileage of around 18 mpg but on city traffic, it is not expected to provide an output of more than 13 mpg.

2017 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel - rear

2017 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel – Price, Competitors, and other reviews

The 2017 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel is expected to have a base price of around $ 57, 000. However, prices will be higher for upper-end vehicles and may go up to $ 70, 000. This new truck is going to compete with Ford F350 and Ram 3500 in the upcoming year and the vehicle will be launched in the last quarter of 2016. As per market reviews and information, Sierra Duramax Diesel 2017 is going to set new records and deliver high customer satisfaction.

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