2017 Ford F-450 Specs, Price

If you are an automobile enthusiast or for that matter looking for a pickup truck, then you must be aware of what ford has been doing with its F-series. It has been subjected to changes since its early days but the changes in the recent past have been quite radical and are probably the factors that will help Ford trucks to make it in the long run. Basic changes include weight reduction, lightweight yet highly durable aluminium body, increased towing and hauling capacity. A lot more has been stacked for this year’s upgrade and it will be known as 2017 Ford F-450. Details have been described below.

2017 Ford F-450 - front

2017 Ford F-450 – Exterior and Interior Design

There is a reason why 2017 Ford F-450 is special and it is simply because of the new features. Highlights include major weight reduction, increase in strength, aluminium body, advanced infotainment unit, LED lamps and last but not the least many cameras for continent views. For the bodywork of this 2017 F450 aluminium has been used which is both light and durable. For the framework high strength steel has been used and its strength is around 95%. A 360 camera view system composed of multiple cams has been installed to aid towing and handling. Latest and the best of infotainment units, Sync 3 has also been given for this variant. Last but not the least, new LED have been installed.

2017 Ford F-450 - interior

2017 Ford F-450 – Powerful Engine and Performance

People could be disappointed by the fact that in spite of so many design upgrades, there are hardly any left for the engine. It must be kept in mind that the engine upgrade was the main focus of the previous upgrade and it is quite up to date for that matter. However it has been seen that ford F series had a rather problematic steering wheel which has not been looked after. For 2017 Ford F-450 the engine options are going to be two, one petrol and another diesel. Firstly, the superior and more efficient of the lot is the former unit i.e. Power Stroke Diesel unit which yields an output of 440 horsepower and delivers a torque of 860 pounds per feet. Another unit is available with slightly lower output to input ratio and output. This petrol V8 unit of 6.2 L is most likely to provide a horsepower of 385 horses and the torque is around 405 lb/ft. Both of these units are combined with a six speed gearbox which is automatic and offers an average mileage of 14 miles per gallon. This Ford F-450 2017 is to be available in both front wheel and rear wheel drive options.

2017 Ford F-450 - rear

2017 Ford F-450 – Availability, Competition and Price

The 2017 Ford F-450 official release date is not known yet but then according to some sources it will make its appearance in the market by the second quarter of 2017, latest. Competition will solely include vehicles of its kind. Since there aren’t many pickup trucks that can quite match up with this vehicle, the competitors are less. Nevertheless General motors have been working hard as well and the Chevy Silverado 4500 and the Dodge Ram 4500 seem like worth competitors. Like release date, official price is also not known. Nevertheless the estimated tag states it is somewhere around $66k.

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