2018 Ford Raptor Design, Price

The mighty upcoming off-road vehicle, 2018 Ford Raptor is designed to perform well on even the toughest of terrains. This upcoming model will be lighter, thus even more efficient and agile. The body of this truck is made of aluminum alloy, which has resulted in reduced weight without any compromise made in its strength. Furthermore, this vehicle will be coming with an all-new EcoBoost engine with FOX racing Shox.

2018 Ford Raptor - front

2018 Ford Raptor – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

This upcoming truck will feature an iconic exterior design. Front end of this vehicle features a very large black chrome grille. Along with that, there is also a heavy-duty front bumper with a unique design. With angular LED headlights, front end of this vehicle does look very aggressive. This vehicle’s body is made of military grade Baja steel, which is very strong but does not compromise on the truck’s efficiency and agility. The 2018 Ford Raptor will also come with a larger wheelbase, which will provide the vehicle with firmer stance and better off-road capabilities. Rear end features an all new LED tail lights along with bed lights having enlarged tailgate. This truck comes with 17-inch terrain tires. It also comes with a standard setting that allows it to easily shift between four-wheel drive and front wheel drive. With such tires and features, this truck can be easily driven through tough terrains like mud, rock, sand, snow and even rain.


The interior of the 2018 Raptor Ford is quite amazing as it has a cleaner look and is more sophisticated. The lush black interior of 2018 Ford Raptor comes with aluminum and leather trim. The cabin is designed for providing comfort in even off-road conditions. It comes with rubber floor mats, thus allowing easier cleaning. Leather seats are provided to offer comfort to the driver and passenger. The dashboard consists of an 8-inch touch screen panel with some advanced features like blind spot monitoring system, 4G internet, rearview camera, lane keeping system and many more. In order to offer convenience to the driver, certain predefined custom settings are available. These settings can be adjusted with just a turn of the knob according to the weather and road conditions.

2018 Ford Raptor - interior2018 Ford Raptor – Engine Specifications

The 2018 Ford Raptor will be a high-performance vehicle. Under the hood of this truck, two engine options will be offered. As usual, engine of this new Ford Raptor will feature EcoBoost technology. A brand new 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine will serve as the first engine option for this vehicle. This 3.5-liter unit will be additionally supported by a 5 liter EcoBoost V8 engine. Currently, there is no information on the output numbers of this vehicle. However, it can be confirmed that both these engine options will be paired with a ten-speed auto transmission unit. It is also expected that this vehicle will deliver a fuel economy of 19 mpg in cities and 26 mpg on highways.

2018 Ford Raptor - rear

2018 Ford Raptor – Price and Availability

With exact release date not being revealed yet, the Ford Raptor 2018 is expected to arrive in the market at start of 2018. It is expected to have a starting price of around $55,000. Considering its competitors then the company has not revealed any name regarding the same.

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