2017 Fiat Fullback Redesign, Price

The 2017 Fiat Fullback is the first mid-sized truck to be introduced by Fiat in the Dubai Motor Show. Its name has been derived from cornerstone position in rugby as well as in American football. This vehicle looks like a double cab in its body design and it’s a lot more spacious. This new vehicle will be competing against the following pickup trucks:

• Toyota Hilux
• Ford Ranger
• Volkswagen Amarok

Fiat Fullback will release in the continent of Europe, Africa as well as in the Middle East. North American market is likely not to put these vehicles up for sale in their markets.

2017 Fiat Fullback - front

What Specs and Features can the fans expect from 2017 Fiat Fullback?

The 2017 Fiat Fullback will be filled with many wonders and needless to say there is going to be some additional safety measures to ensure passengers can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable ride.

• Safety features like lane assist, parking assist, airbags and seat belts are some primary measures that will feature in this new pickup truck.
• Infotainment system is going to have some wonderful apps. New Fullback will have Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth services.
• Needless to say the seats are going to have fine leather covers on them which would provide great comfort to the passengers.
• Cabin space will be sufficient for 4 adult passengers.
• Cargo space is going to be sufficient and locking system will be quite tough.

The 2017 Fiat Fullback will be available in various configurations in the European market. This vehicle will be available in two trim versions in this part of the world and in the rest part it will be a double-cab setup. Dimension wise 2017 Fullback will be 1780 mm in height, 1815 mm in width and about 5,285 mm long. Most of its features will be similar to that of Mitsubishi L200. Differences that will be significant are reshaped grille setup, new bumpers and numerous tweaks in the interior design.

2017 Fiat Fullback - interior

2017 Fiat Fullback – Great Engine and Fuel Economy

The 2017 Fiat Fullback is going to deliver a powerful four-cylinder diesel unit. This 2.4-liter unit is going to run on turbo diesel and will be offered in two variants which will be either of about 150 HP or 180 HP. Transmission is expected to be six-speed manual or five-speed automatic. Fiat Fullback 2017 will utilize the four-wheel drive mechanism similar to that used by Mitsubishi. Due to the use of fine alloys in its body designs, this vehicle will be quite fuel efficient. Body weight is going to be around 1,049 kg. Exact fuel economy rates are not known but it is expected to be quite high. In city roads it might be around 17 mpg while on highways it is expected to be around 19-20 mpg.

2017 Fiat Fullback - rear

2017 Fiat Fullback – Expected Price and Release Date

Since this truck was just introduced a few days back in the 2015 Dubai Motor Show, this truck has not got any specific dates of release. Even the pricing has not been deciding by the manufacturer. Various rumors suggest that 2017 Fullback will roll in the market by the end of 2016. Release date might be postponed for a few weeks and it might be ultimately released in the summer of 2017.

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