2017 Chevy EL Camino Design, Price

If you are both a sports car and a pickup truck fanatic, then the 2017 Chevy El Camino would be a great choice. This Chevy EL Camino is actuallya pickup truck, but it looks like a sedan or sports car. Its design is sporty and modern, so this Chevy EL Camino is very stylish for a pickup truck. Chevrolet will be making certain changes and improvements in this upcoming EL Camino. The company will be making sure that its comeback will be grand.

2017 Chevy EL Camino - front

Exterior Description and  Interior Cabin Features of 2017 Chevy EL Camino

The most important factor of this new Chevy EL Camino is its outer body design. This exterior body design separates this pickup truck from the rest of the bunch. An all new redesigned grille will be featured which will be split by a slat attached to the body. This outer body features more detailed streamlines, and the headlights have met some changes. Its front fascia features a big air intake, the fog lights will be changed. New alloy wheels will be featured in this 2017 EL Camino. This new Chevy EL Camino 2017 will also come with different outer body color finishes, the front bumper, as well as the rear bumper, has been adjusted according to its ground clearance height.The body of this 2017 EL Camino has been built with SS trim degree.


Coming inside this 2017 Chevy EL Camino, a beautifully designed interior cabin can be found. In this interior cabin, the seats will be upholstered in genuine leather. These seats are economically placed which gives ample head room and leg space. A modern climate control system is featured, there will be plenty space in the dashboard. A new audio system will be synced to the infotainment system. Modern technological features like satellite radio, GPS navigation system, Smartphone integration, smart virtual information center will be present. Other features in this interior cabin are cruise control, driver memory setting, side airbags, and multi-functioning steering wheel.

2017 Chevy EL Camino - interior

Drivetrain options and Fuel Economy of 2017 Chevy EL Camino

This 2017 Chevy EL Camino will have two different drivetrain options, the first option will be a 3.2 liter V6 engine and second engine option will be a 6.0 liter V8 engine. The 3.2 liter V6 engine will be able to generate 300 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. Another engine option, the 6.0 liter V8 engine has its capacity to produce 300 pound-feet of torque and 380 horsepower. These engine modifications will be paired with an eight-speed or a six-speed automatic transmission system. A four-wheel drive formation will be used. The average fuel economy of this new 2017 Chevy EL Camino is 26 miles per gallon, it will give 20 miles per gallon in city drive and 27 miles per gallon in highway drive.

2017 Chevy EL Camino - rear

2017 Chevy EL Camino – Price and Release date

This model will probably be launched in the markets in the second half of 2016. This 2017 Chevrolet EL Camino will have its starting price of $20,000 and the price for its upper trims will be more. Its main rival will be BMW X5.

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