2017 Holden Colorado 7 Review, Price

Holden motors are a renowned automaker of Australia founded in the year 1908. With is the experience of more than 100 years in automobiles industry, it has delivered world-class vehicle and is known for superb built, quality and stability. Colorado 7 is a four-wheel drive sports utility vehicle known for its superior performance and high power and pick up. The 2017 Holden Colorado 7 will bring in a lot of changes that will let driving this SUV an all new experience filled with power and performance. All changes accommodated will make a difference for this vehicle. There will be huge number of changes in the all-new Colorado 7. However, there is going to be some set of changes in the external and internal part of this vehicle which will be quietly brilliant and easily notable that is so going to make this SUV catchy at the very first part. A new engine is also expected with more power, better performance and an amazing off-roading adventure.

2017 Holden Colorado 7 - front

2017 Holden Colorado 7 – Exterior Body Styles and Interior Changes

The 2017 Holden Colorado 7 will have a new set of headlights which will be the very first thing to observe in this 4 x 4 SUV. Redesigning of the front grille will also take place for this vehicle. Apart from that, the rear part of this vehicle is also expected to have a new set of headlights. Lines running from the front to rear part of its body will also be altered to give a refreshed and all muscular look to this SUV. There will be also some changes in shapes and size of this SUV to bring in notable changes in the eyes of people and make it possible for this all new launch in market.


What is expected to be the very first change of Holden Colorado 7, is a new multimedia device in its centre console. Along with that, there will be also changes in its dashboard. Seats will be broader to provide better comfort. Leg room is also to be enhanced and it’s also expected to have an extended boot capacity. There will be use of leather upholstery in its interiors. The Holden Colorado 7 2017 will not only provide that bossy feeling inside; the interiors too will make you feel like a ruler.

2017 Holden Colorado 7 - interior

Engine, Fuel Economy and Specifications of 2017 Holden Colorado 7

With the existing 2.8 Liter Diesel engine, a new set of engine is expected to be launched by Holden motors of approximately 3.0 Liters in cubic capacity. It will deliver more than 500Nm of Torque. It is going to have an increased power of around 160 KW from 147 KW. An expected fuel economy of 20 mpg in cities, 27 mpg on highways and 28 mpg on combined basis is expected out of 2017 Holden Colorado 7.

2017 Holden Colorado 7 - rear

Price and Competitors of 2017 Holden Colorado 7

The base model LT will carry a price tag of around $50,000. LTZ model is, however, going to have a little higher price of around $3,000 more and it will be launched in the starting of 2017. The major competitors of 2017 Holden Colorado 7 are Toyota Prado, Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento and Nissan Pathfinder.

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