2017 Ford Ranger Changes, Price

It seems like American automobile giants ford are planning to go big on the 2017 version of Ford Ranger. Over the years it has made its transition from a regular pick-up truck to a stylish pick-up truck with modernistic design. The Ford Ranger nameplate was earlier used for other vehicles as well but currently it is only used to the Compact pick-up truck. It has been sold in the American market since 1983. It has been available in the international market since 1998. The 2017 Ford Ranger is expected to come up several improvements in order to match the changing market demand.

2017 Ford Ranger - front

2017 Ford Ranger – Body Styles Changes and other Options

This Ford Ranger 2017 will most probably use the Ford Atlas platform like its previous version. It will have a larger body and will come with more aggressive sporty design. Body material will be made of Excess quantities of Aluminum and carbon fiber in order to reduce the net weight. Large alloy wheels with aluminum mixtures goes well with the overall design.


Interior of 2017 Ford Ranger is large and spacious with two rows of seating. The large cabin space suggests enough of room for luggage even after accommodating all people. Overall the interior is quite comfortable considering it’s a pick-up truck. Here are some special features present in 2017 Ford Ranger- navigation system, cruise control, traction control, parking assistance, Bluetooth, climate control, Radio set, USB ports, etc.

2017 Ford Ranger - interior

2017 Ford Ranger – Modification under the Hood

Ford has always been a reputed name for pickup trucks due to various amazing models. In recent times, diesel engines have come up as a latest trend symbol. So, 2017 Ford Ranger brings two diesel systems and one petrol unit under its hood. The petrol variant consists of a 2.5 liter Duratorq engine that can easily produce about 164 hp and an incredible 166 lb-ft torque. When it comes to diesel variants, the base one consists of a 2.2 liter Duratorq 4 cylinder engine having TDCi which can generate around 129 hp as well as good torque amount. Next one is quite powerful as it contains a 3.2 liter Duratorq TDCi 5 cylinder which offers nearly 197 hp and whopping 347 lb-ft torque. These drivetrains may get mated with 6 speed manual transmission system or 6 speed auto transmission system. Ranger has always been known for its excellent performances. This time also there will be exception to that. Average mileage rate on city streets as well as highways will be quite impressive. Overall, this model is quite dependable and useful.

2017 Ford Ranger - rear

2017 Ford Ranger – Price and Launch Date

Car lovers all around are quite eagerly waiting for launch of 2017 Ford Ranger. But it seems that it may get released not before 2017’s beginning. $ 25,000 has been set as its estimated starting price. The 2017 Ranger will surely have several competitors which can make life hard for Ford. There is GMC Sierra 1500 which will be a quite close competitor. Then there would be the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Along with these giants, Nissan Titan might also be a close competition to it.

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