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Till now, Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge have been the big players in the truck business. However, now that Tesla is planning on introducing the pickup truck, there is a new player who is looking to be taken seriously. This decision to make a pickup truck means that Tesla, which is better known for making electric cars, will be entering a field that has hitherto been dominated by the aforementioned carmakers. The news was given at the Business Insider event, which took place in New York.

The CEO of Tesla said that the new vehicle would be designed to look like a pickup truck that is attractive. It will directly be competing with the likes of the Ford F-150 as well as various other passenger trucks. He also added that probably this would not be a commercial vehicle.

Tesla electric pickup truck concept

Tesla pickup truck Rumors and Facts.

When the CEO of Tesla was asked whether his company would ever make a fleet truck for use by major companies like UPS and FedEx, he answered in the affirmative. Tesla was indeed planning to make this kind of vehicle. However, the company is not planning to make it commercial, because of a lack of opportunities.

The CEO further elaborated that the new Tesla pickup truck would be made on the same lines as the Ford F-Series. This is because that truck has already proved to be very popular.

It is interesting that Tesla wants to take on Ford. This means that the company will have to do its utmost to make an out-and-out pickup truck that is capable of hauling significant loads. Chances are that the company will refrain from producing a vehicle like the Honda Ridgeline, and Tesla is determined to manufacture a true pickup truck to be based on the Tesla Model X. However, the company has not provided too many details about what their new vehicle will do.

Tesla pickup truck concept

Most people are not sure what kind of buyer the makers of the Tesla pickup truck are targeting. They also wonder whether a company that makes electric cars will succeed in weaning away buyers from the traditional pickup truck market. These buyers already have a great affinity for Ford and Chevrolet as well as Ram. Will they really find the new Tesla pickup truck to be an exciting vehicle?

The thought that truck loving American buyers will indeed switch loyalties from traditional American pickup trucks to Tesla is a scary one. Many of us are also very skeptical that an electric car company will be able to manufacture a rugged enough pickup. Buyers are generally looking for a vehicle that tows a lot of load and which works well in off-road conditions. If they believe that a pickup truck is vulnerable on these factors, they will generally not buy the vehicle.

Tesla pickup truck

Most pickup trucks are used for off-road adventure activities. Given the fact that there won’t be any electric outlets in the woods, it is hard to envisage people buying this vehicle. So, if Tesla wants to make its new Tesla pickup truck attractive, they will need to keep all these factors in mind and address them suitably. Otherwise, it may not be such a good idea to make such a truck.

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