Ford VelociRaptor price, specs

The all-aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 has not sprouted its own Raptor variant, but the Ford VelociRaptor will provide consumers with a healthy dose of Hennessey performance. The supercharged, off-road super truck promises to deliver drivers with upwards of 600 horsepower. This is a vehicle that will sit atop 17 inch Hennessey faux bead lock wheels that will be wrapped in 33 inch BF Goodrich tires. Consumers will also be presented with upgrades that include off-road lighting, Brembo brakes, custom bumpers, a coil over suspension and more. The upgrades are said to be able to deliver drivers a more over the top super duty pickup truck.

Ford VelociRaptor front

Ford VelociRaptor: Engine Features

Under the hood of Ford VelociRaptor , the power train will consist of a supercharged 5.0 liter V-8 engine. The engine management, fuel injectors, exhaust and intake have been upgraded so that they are able to work impeccably in conjunction with the blower. This incredible combination will present consumers with a maximum amount of “oomph”. For those that are not huge fans of the V-8 unit option, there will be the option of a twin turbo EcoBoost V-6. The specifics of the secondary option have not been released as of yet.

Consumers that are familiar with the F-150 Raptor will notice that no longer will there be a big, iron block V-8 under the hood. This will decrease the weight of the vehicle. The Ford VelociRaptor will be the first to receive the second generation turbo charged 3.5 liter V-6 with direct fuel injection. Per Ford, the high powered EcoBoost engine was developed for sports vehicle influence that includes a new aluminum block. Additionally there have been improvements made to the internals, cylinder heads, and the fuel system. Also as a measure to improve the airflow, the high output engine exhales through a true dual exhaust system with duo outlets that are notched in the rear bumper.

Ford VelociRaptor rear

Ford VelociRaptor: Redesign and Specifications

The boxed steel frame has been reinforced from that of the standard F-150 and it will also come in a duo of sizes. The first will be the sportier SuperCab that has a 133 inch wheelbase while the second will be the SuperCrew that will be roomier and will measure in at 145 inches. Other than the beefed up frame, the American automaker contends that the new aluminum body, front fenders and composite hood will assist in the trimming of upwards of 500 pounds from the curb weight of its predecessor.

This second generation vehicle has its specifications are very much so guarded as this point and time. Ford VelociRaptor is said to be launched within the fall of next year and be considered a 2017 model year version. It will present under the new banner of the Ford Performance, but for now it is simply known as the F-150 Raptor. Ford VelociRaptor will be a vehicle that has been expressly engineered as a highly special vehicle. The automaker has provided the vehicle with a dedicated chassis and power train that will properly accompany the special bodywork.

Ford VelociRaptor interior

Ford VelociRaptor: Release Date and Price

There will only be a very limited amount of the Ford VelociRaptor constructed. According to industry insiders, Hennessey will only manufactory approximately 500 of the extremely brutish vehicle. The base pricing is estimated to be in the area of $ 73 000. The highly powerful and aggressive truck Ford VelociRaptor made its debut at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. The full upgrade package that will be made available to consumers will additionally include a 36,000 mile, three year warranty.

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