2016 Ford Super Chief redesign

The Ford Super Chief was originally unveiled to the automotive marketplace in 2006 as a Concept vehicle that was based on the F-250 pickup truck. Almost a decade after its debut, the 2016 Ford Super Chief, the vehicle has attracted a great deal of attention from both the public and the media at large. This truck is widely viewed as a vehicle of the future that additionally has an unusual design. This pickup truck has brought back the legendary Train of the Stars. New questions were raised regarding the 2016 Ford Super Chief when the 2015 Ford F-150 Atlas Concept vehicle arrived. There are a great number of industry insiders the vehicle is already a reality and is expected to undergo serial production. This mass production speculation is supported by the fact that the F-250 Super Chief is constructed of aluminum and the design has a variety of similarities with the Atlas Concept vehicle.

2016 Ford Super Chief front

2016 Ford Super Chief: Engine Features

Upon its arrival onto the marketplace the F-250 Super Chief presented with a specialized Tri Flex Fuel system. The system’s name gives way to a suggestion that the utilization of a trio of fuel types. These fuel types are gasoline, E85 ethanol or hydrogen. The production variant of the vehicle is expected to be outfitted with the same engine as that of the concept vehicle. That would be a SOHC 6.8 liter 30 valve V-10 unit that is able to deliver upwards of 550 horsepower and 400 pounds per feet of torque. Given that the vehicle has the possibility of utilizing all three of its furl options simultaneously, via a full tank, the 2016 Ford Super Chief is said to be able to cross 500 miles. Regardless of its 180 miles per hour top speed and high horsepower, the use of hydrogen enhances its fuel economy. Per early reports, the fuel rating has increased by more than 12% in comparison to the singular gasoline drive.

2016 Ford Super Chief rear

2016 Ford Super Chief: Exterior and Interior

The pickup truck 2016 Ford Super Chief is characterized by its front fascia that is best described as striking while being reminiscent of the Santa Fe Railway locomotive design. The cab of the truck carries elements of the F Series along with the trims of the King Ranch. Additionally, it is speculated that the new Super Chief host an inherent operating system, an outstanding design, technological achievements as well as new systems. These components seem to be able to make the 2016 Super Chief one of the most prestigious trucks within its segment to date.

2016 Ford Super Chief interior

2016 Ford Super Chief: Release Date and Price

According to a number of industry experts and critics, the automotive market will overwhelmingly accept the 2016 Ford Super Chief. The Tri Flex vehicle is believed to be able to quickly find new owners who are well versed in their planet preservation awareness. Although the automaker has yet to announce when the official release date, it is highly believed that it will see the light of day by the close of the year. The base pricing of 2016 Ford Super Chief is said to be an average of $ 60 000 which would make it approximately $ 5 000 more expensive than the Ford Super Duty F-250. There are also insiders that believe that the base pricing will be closer to the arena of $ 65 000, making the Super Chief an average of $ 10 000 more expensive than its stable mate.

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