BMW Pickup Truck price, concept

Latest revelations indicate that the much anticipated BMW M3 pickup truck delivered an impressive 420 hp and achieved 186 mph (300 kmph) during Ring testing. This certainly puts the critics on silent. In recent weeks, the M3 based BMW pickup truck has been spied on severally at the Nurburgring testing ground. According to BMW, this pickup truck will still offer the same experience and feel as the dependable M series.

BMW Pickup Truck front

BMW Pickup Truck: Engine Specs

Under the hood of the car lies a 4.0-Litre V8 that is still found on the regular M3. It churns 420 horses at 8300 rpm and generates 295 lb-ft of torque at 3900 rpm. This truck uses a six-speed manual transmission to deliver power to the rear wheels. Although official results are yet to be released, BMW claims the car hit the 300 kmph (186 mph) during testing.

BMW Pickup Truck: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The modification at the rear that mainly affects the suspension has slightly changed the car’s overall weight. The M3 BMW truck is 150 kg heavier than the M3 convertible that has a kerb weight of approximately 2085 kg. Experiments done in the wind tunnel indicate the BMW pickup truck M3 to be as streamlined and slick as the M3 Coupe.

BMW Pickup Truck rear

The M3 is not just a high performer but also a practical pickup. It had its payload increased to 450 kg and features a trailer tow hitch for the first time. The aluminum sheeting clad cargo bay can carry as many as 20 golf bags.

The cabin is basically the same to that of the regular M3. It features a steering wheel, sports leather seats with the M symbol, and a gearlever. A special badge is placed on the dashboard’s carbon fiber strip in honor of the project. Taking away the removable targa roof lowers the weight by 20 kg and also brings down the centre of gravity.

BMW Pickup Truck interior

BMW Pickup Truck: Release Date and Price

According to BMW, the pickup has fulfilled the necessary conditions to be classified as a legal pickup truck. Therefore, any person with a bit of money to splash on a new set of wheels should consider the BMW pickup truck M3 as a great competitor for the Toyota Hilux. Unfortunately BMW truck is not yet in official plans of this company for mass production. Will BMW change its decision and start to produce pickup trucks only time will tell.

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