Toyota Hilux Invincible X news

Toyota has once again raised their bars for providing high utility, luxury vehicles by releasing a special edition trim variant, named simply as ‘Invincible X’ for its Hilux pickup truck. Toyota Hilux Invincible X will be the most luxurious truck up to date and will combine a perfect blend of elegance, performance and power. Toyota Hilux Invicible X will feature enhanced appearance along with evenly refined materials that go into its making. Both its interior and exterior of Toyota Hilux Invicible X will come with the option of choosing from four colour choices.

Toyota Hilux Invincible X front

Toyota Hilux Invicible X: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The most significant area where the car has received changes is it’s in exterior visuals. Toyota Hilux Invincible X comes with extra ground clearance for travelling through the off-roads, and its bed has added room for equipment and gears. It comes in three wheel varieties, with updated Rica five-spoke being available in three different colours. Its front guard is plated with aluminium and has good finishing at the doors. Also, chrome materials have been used to enamour and surround door handles and hood-mounted air intakes respectively. It goes without saying that a premium quality vehicle like this would have LED fitted front and rear lights. Overall, the outward appearance has become more aggressive.

Over the standard model, the Toyota Hilux Invincible X gets everything but will add levels of elegance and comfort. It now comes with leather seats with four choices in colour and has soft to touch materials spread throughout its cabin space. The interior has been redesigned in such a way that it neither loses out on utility nor sacrifices on comfort due to its refined appearance.

Toyota Hilux Invincible X side

There have been significant upgrades in technical aspects as well. Its new air-conditioning system is more powerful; it has power door mirrors and now has Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system. In addition, it has cruise control, navigation, vehicle stability control Bluetooth and security alarm. These features are just a few among many.

Toyota Hilux Invicible X: Engine Specs

What Toyota has currently in offering are two diesel based powertrains in the Toyota Hilux Invicible X is a 2.5 litre 4 cylinder diesel engine capable of producing horsepower of up to 144, and the second engine being a 3.0 litre 4 cylinder unit delivering 170 hp. In Toyota Hilux Invincible X, however, there is only one engine of higher power. It comes equipped with a 3.0 litre D-4D engine with a 5-speed manual or auto transmission system.

Fuel efficiency rates have been recorded to be around 32 mpg for highway in auto transmission vehicles and around 36 mpg for its manual variant. It can reach a maximum speed of 62 mpg in just about 12 seconds. Its towing capability has been stated to be at 6,100 pounds.

Toyota Hilux Invincible X interior

Toyota Hilux Invicible X: Release Date and Price

With booking being currently underway, the deliveries are expected to reach customers by the first week of March. The manual version of Toyota Hilux Invincible X will be priced around 23 000 euros and 24 500 for the automatic transmission version. It is expected to compete with another such vehicle going by the name of Chevrolet Colorado 2016.

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