2016 Holden Colorado changes

Current news reported that 2016 Holden Colorado will be available in the market next year. Hence, we will see this vehicle on the road soon with unique features. The price of this model will be sharp though in comparison to other similar models. The multimedia and transmission system of this vehicle will be updated to enhance the safety features. The advanced navigation system will be installed to bring some innovations. The Apple and android users will find this system cost effective and friendly. Company is looking to make this model extraordinary to reacquire the previous position in the auto industry. We can expect good feedback for 2016 Holden Colorado because of its unique properties like improved refinement and handling.

2016 Holden Colorado front

2016 Holden Colorado: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The accurate info is not available about the interior and exterior features of 2016 Holden Colorado but we can make assumptions on the basis of news. The navigation, handling and refinement of previous versions will be improved. The interior of this model will offer little noise and comfortable ride. The seats will be arranged by keeping in view the life style of passengers. We can expect sufficient space between passenger seats so that passenger on rear seats can stretch their legs with ease. Company has spent several months to upgrade the interior of this model in the form of private driver cabin, stylish dashboard, touch screen and LCD. The possible security equipments will include fire alarm, air bags and interior camera. The camera on rear end of this model will also help the driver to handle the position of car. The best entertainment options in this model will include speakers, Wi-Fi, internet, Bluetooth and LCD display.

When we have a look on exterior of 2016 Holden Colorado, we find new body shape, modified grille and LED lights. The modified sides mirrors will be installed to give a new look to this vehicle. The meshed grille on front side will definitely enhance the exterior of this model. In order to enhance the road grip, the size of wheels will be increased up to 22 inches. It will make the ride safe and secure. The aluminum material will be used to manufacture this model to reduce the weight and price. It will be available in several color schemes like red, white and blue. The consumer can make his own choice to select a right color scheme.

2016 Holden Colorado interior

2016 Holden Colorado: Engine Specs

We can 3.4 four cylinder diesel engine in this model but accurate info is not available. The diesel engine will produce power around 300 horsepower and torque equal to 250 lb/ft. we can also expect double engine in this model. It will offer maximum fuel economy to reduce the cost of fuel up to some extent. The engine will deliver the energy supply uniformly to front and rear wheels.

2016 Holden Colorado rear

2016 Holden Colorado: Release Date and Price

We can expect the price of 2016 Holden Colorado base model around 30 000 dollars. The price for advanced model will be around 40 000 dollars. It is expected to be released by end of 2015.

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