2016 Ford F-350 super duty, concept

All Ford fans are eagerly waiting for 2016 in order for them to enjoy wonderful and pleasurable experience with yet to be released 2016 Ford F-350. There are lots of expectations about this wonderful and latest model Ford F-350. It is expected to come with well enhanced and modified engine specs, amazingly refined interior regime as well as alluring exterior design. The transmission system may also change for good base on the level of fuel economy and power output the producer is planning to produce this truck with.2016 Ford F-350 front

2016 Ford F-350: Design and Specs

Reduction in the general curb weight of this truck will be the starting point for the upgrade. It is expected to be made with lightweight material that is extremely strong like aluminum. On the exterior rear part of this truck, the rear bumper will be designed with chrome plates and the wheels are anticipated to be about 17” to 20” in the size of the metal wheel. Interior of this 2016 F-350 is expected to be built with high quality materials such as aluminum, wood coupled with leather based finishes. it is designed with only one to two rows of seats which will take only three passengers comfortably.

The producers also showcased their experience and professionalism in incorporating lots of safety features into this truck. Indeed, there is anticipation that this truck will be equipped with enough airbags and other features that will guarantee the safety of the user at any point in time.

2016 Ford F-350 side

2016 Ford F-350: Engine and Fuel Economy

For now, there is no exact engine option associated with 2016 Ford F-350. But, there are two distinct anticipated engine options for the newly produced truck. The predicted engines for this truck are 6.2 liter V8 petrol with power output of about 316 horsepower and 397 lb-ft of torque and the second predicted engine option is6.7 liters V8 turbo diesel engine with power output of about 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of torque. These two engine options predicted about this truck will make this truck the best among the equals.

2016 Ford F-350 interior
For the fuel economy, this wonderful designed and well engineered truck is expected to be highly economical in terms of fuel consumption. Since some model of this truck will be coming with the engine in the previous model it will have similar or better fuel economy consumption.

2016 Ford F-350: Release Date and Price

2016 Ford F-350 is anticipated to be in the world car market before the end of year 2015 according to the information from journalist. But, there is not yet official announcement about the actual release date for this truck. The price is going to be about $ 34 000 which is a bit more than the price of the previous model of this amazingly built and well engineered 2016 F-350 truck.

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